Our VR Y-TAC Team

Sylvie Krause

Program Associate

Program Associate Woman

Sylvie joined IEL in December 2017. She works as a Program Associate with the Center for Workforce Development and specifically on the Vocational Rehabilitation Youth Technical Assistance Center (Y-TAC) initiative.

Sylvie graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Urban Studies and Communication. Throughout college, she held a variety of internship and job positions in non-profits, both domestically and internationally. In 2013, Sylvie spent two months in Peru building latrines and leading community health fairs and subsequently volunteered as an English language teacher at a public elementary school while studying abroad in the Netherlands. In Pittsburgh, Sylvie wrote articles on current issues within education for online viewing and assisted with creating a guide for parents and tutors for the recent changes to Common Core State Standards at the time with the Pittsburgh Assistance Center for Educators and Students.

These experiences motivated Sylvie to enroll as an AmeriCorps service member in DC post-graduation, during which she served with Kid Power, Inc. as the Site Director for an enriching after school program in a DCPS elementary school. With 150 students under her care daily, she prized a holistic approach toward serving her students. This included creating an open network between a student’s family, community, school day teachers, and after-school staff. Similarly to this tactic, IEL’s mission of building bridges toward a common goal was one of the factors that strongly drew Sylvie to IEL.