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Psychologist giving a teen girl an agreement to sign before starting therapy.

Students and youth who are homeless face many challenges, including possibly having a disability. Additionally, numerous individuals in these situations may not have support from family or caring adults, suffer from malnutrition, poor health and trauma and lack access to quality transition services. This webinar was a part of the Y-TAC Fall 2018 Webinar Series – Engaging & Supporting Youth: Achieving Employment Success. This webinar provided information on supports and agencies working to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Participants learned how to support stability in the lives of students and youth who experience homelessness and how to create caring atmospheres that generate positive outcomes.

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Eric Masten

Mark Heinert

Session Ojectives

  • Participants learned about outreach and support design for youth who are homeless
  • Participants felt knowledgeable about what services are most helpful to these individuals to create stability
  • Participants learned about collaboration partners who are needed to connect students and youth to life sustaining employment and opportunities