Webinar – Establishing Interagency Partnerships: Framework & Examples

Business Team Training Listening Meeting Concept

This webinar was designed to help vocational rehabilitation (VR) professionals, whatever their role, begin to forge partnerships with counterparts in other agencies. Presenters described key activities in forming interagency partnerships, drawn from the research base on partnership formation; stories of successful partnerships at the state and local levels; and an array of agencies and funding streams that may be considered for partnerships with VR agencies.

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Learning Objectives


  1. Learned how to create durable partnerships, based on key activities in successful partnerships look;
  2. Learned strategies from existing VR-workforce agency partnerships;
  3. Felt more prepared to pursue and form interagency partnerships.


Thomas Showalter, Executive Director, National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC)

Don Spangler, Senior Advisor, NYEC

Cheryl Fambles, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council

Kathleen Harvey, Director of Community, Reentry and Parole Programs, Rehabilitation Administration – Juvenile Rehabilitation, Washington Department of Social and Health Services

Rob Hines, Director, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Kim Osmani, Technical Assistance Liaison, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Youth Technical Assistance Center (Y-TAC)