The Fortune Society – Building People, Not Prisons

Caucasian man hugging African American man in a room surrounded by people standing up and clapping

Services That Build Lives

To address the complex and overlapping needs of our clients, The Fortune Society employs a holistic “one-stop shop” model of service provision, offering a comprehensive array of in-house social services to over 7,000 people with incarceration histories each year via three primary New York City-area locations: our service center in Long Island City, and both the Fortune Academy (a.k.a. “the Castle”) and Castle Gardens in West Harlem. They also have a regular presence in four borough courthouses, on Rikers Island, and numerous New York State prisons.
The Fortune Society are nationally renowned for their commitment to providing culturally competent services to individuals with incarceration histories. They achieve this by prioritizing the hiring of individuals who have “lived experience.” Approximately 70% of Fortune’s employees have histories of incarceration, substance abuse, or homelessness, with nearly 50% having been formerly incarcerated, and over 80% are persons of color. Fortune’s staff members exemplify the importance of new chances and serve as role models for their clients.

Their service programs are frequently recognized, both nationally and internationally, for their quality and innovation. These programs include:

  • Housing
  • Employment Services
  • Education
  • Family Services
  • Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Use Treatment
  • Health Services
  • Benefits Referral
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Creative Arts

To learn more about The Fortune Society, please visit their website.