Webinar: Supporting and Serving Youth with Significant Disabilities

Photo of a colorful coffee mug on top of a stack of books for youth

Youth with significant disabilities often require supports from multiple service systems and agencies. It takes intense coordinated planning to ensure the youth is able to live their best adult life. This webinar was a part of the Y-TAC Fall 2018 Webinar Series – Engaging & Supporting Youth: Achieving Employment Success. This webinar discussed the legal requirements regarding secondary transition planning, explored the barriers often faced by youth with significant disabilities, and provided examples of effective practices to enhance the implementation of transition and vocational rehabilitation services.

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Michael Stoehr, M.S. Ed., National Technical Assistance Center on Transition
Kim Osmani, M.Ed., Youth Technical Assistance Center

Session Objectives

  • Participants learned evidence-/research-based practices for serving youth with significant disabilities as required under federal regulations.
  • Participants discussed the barriers to transition and vocational rehabilitation outcomes and feel empowered to enhance implementation of transition services for youth with significant disabilities.
  • Participants were able to work with teams to provide transition experiences, incorporating person-centered planning, for youth with significant disabilities.