The WIOA Advisory Committee Report – Summary & Implications for VR Systems


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Advisory Committee Report

Summary and implications for Vocational Rehabilitation systems

The passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) in 2014,
with its focus on expanding opportunities for competitive integrated employment
for people with disabilities and its creation of an Advisory Committee to make
recommendation on strategies for doing so, has been a catalyst for changes
in federal and state policies and practices around employment of people with
disabilities. This report summarizes the recommendations of the WIOA Advisory
Committee for increasing the employment of people with significant disabilities.
It also describes Committee recommendations that can be implemented by state
Vocational Rehabilitation systems, Community Rehabilitation Providers, and the
range of professionals that support people with disabilities to obtain and advance in
competitive integrated employment. These recommendations include strategies for
effective interagency collaboration, for engaging people with disabilities and their
families around employment, and for training for professionals.


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