Blog – NASA, & 2019 SXSW EDU Conference

In March 2019, Y-TAC, NASA, & Insights International presented at the 2019 SXSW EDU Conference in Austin, TX. The presentation focused on how accessible video, web, and print media were created to advance NASA’s inclusive internship practices. Last year, in partnership with Insights International, Y-TAC visited Johnson Space Center (JSC) to understand how internships help NASA achieve its missions and interns achieve their career goals. By conducting a site visit at JSC, Y-TAC observed how all interns are engaged, mentored, and supported at NASA.

The NASA Pathways Internship Program was designed to be a pipeline to employment. Over half of JSC’s new hires were formerly Pathways interns. For NASA, developing a large and diverse pool of interns is key to finding the most talented permanent NASA employee. From high school to post-college, NASA provides internship opportunities of various types, intensities, and durations. In the coming months, Y-TAC will create a multi-media toolkit to advance accessible and inclusive youth internships.

A group picture of Y-TAC, NASA, and Insights International presenters.

The upcoming Y-TAC internship toolkit will show the relationship between accessible internships and STEM careers. Y-TAC will release rich content, based on what was learned at NASA and JSC. These media assets will include:

  • Downloadable streaming videos and documents, with stories from an intern and NASA employees, describing Pathways, agency partners, and how to start creating an accessible internship program;
  • Web page, webinar, and presentation materials designed for professional development;
  • Panel presentation at the SXSWedu conference that will include panelists from Y-TAC, JSC and Insights International; and
  • A module within an overall STEM package that will become a staple for youth service professionals wanting to inspire youth, learning from NASA’s efforts.

Stay tuned as Y-TAC releases these materials in the coming months!