Webinar – 1 in 5: Providing Support and Building Resiliency

Psychologist giving a teen girl an agreement to sign before starting therapy.

This webinar provided participants with information about mental health issues youth may experience and how best to address and support these young people. This included strategies to develop relationships and develop self-determination skills and included ways to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Barriers, including managing chronic illness and stress, disclosure and accessing ADA rights in post-secondary education and employment, were discussed and approaches to these barriers were provided.

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Learning Objectives:

Participants learned to –

  1. Identify strategies to discuss mental health with young people;
  2. Identify strategies to build support and reduce stigma for young people with mental health issues;
  3. Identify barriers to post-secondary education, training and employment for young people with mental health issues;
  4. Identify strategies to address barriers in the higher education classroom and employment; and
  5. Identify strategies to support young adults for stability and mental wellness


Linea Johnson, EMHL

Cinda Johnson, Ph.D.