Webinar – An Introduction to the SSDI and Medicare Youth Toolkit

Male youth working in hospital folding towels

As VRCs prepare youth to join the workforce of tomorrow, access to reliable and accessible information about benefits and earnings is essential—as is access to qualified benefits and work incentive planners.  The VRC Just In-Time Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Medicare Toolkit series is comprised of 10 modules based on information most essential to assist VRCs in supporting youth who receive SSDI benefits and Medicare, and their families in navigating a path toward successful employment. Each module is based on a specific knowledge needed to support a youth’s understanding of SSDI and Medicare entitlements (with one module devoted to Medicaid and the optional Medicaid Buy-In for Workers with Disabilities).  Each module was developed to take no longer than 15 minutes with links to test the user’s knowledge as well as print out “take and go” pages along with additional resources.

Watch the recorded webinar.

Download the PowerPoint presentation.


Thomas P. Golden, Ed.D., CRC, Executive Director, K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability – ILR School, Cornell University

James R. Sheldon, Jr., J.D., Disability Policy Consultant, Buffalo, New York (former Supervisor, Work Incentives Counseling Projects, Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc.)