Watch Webinar Now: Ensuring Equitable Access to VR Services

Ensuring Equitable Access to VR Services: Innovative Strategies for Engaging Underserved Youth

Took Place: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Innovation is key when working with youth and young adults with disabilities in their journey to employment and increased independence, as is building partnerships with other youth service professionals and employers. Watch this webinar to learn more about what several state VR agencies are doing, with the assistance of Y-TAC, to motivate and support disengaged youth with disabilities as they progress toward “adulting”, independence, and work. Strategies highlighted include peer mentoring, cross-agency staff training, and learning labs that increase youth voice to inform systems change.

Learning Objectives

-Increased awareness of effective partnership strategies that lead to better engagement of youth who have traditionally been disconnected from school and work;

-Increased knowledge of innovative methods that lead to increased employment outcomes for youth receiving VR services; and

-Increased awareness of key concepts youth service professionals can use to motivate young people to fully participate in the systems and programs designed to support them.


-Jackie Carrillo, Youth Advocate, Oakland Jewish Vocational Service

-Karin Grandon, Y-TAC State Technical Assistance Liaison, Institute for Educational Leadership

-Dr. Kimberly J. Osmani, Y-TAC State Technical Assistance Liaison, Cornell University Yang -Tan Institute on Employment and Disability

-Kim Gee, Youth and Program Services Manager, Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation

-Cindy Murphy-Fox, Deputy Chief, Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

-Tammy Williamson, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor III, Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

-Olivia Carr, Business Enterprise Coordinator, Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

-Veronica Mendoza Williams, Pre-Employment Transition Specialist, Arizona Rehabilitation Services

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